International Fellowship in Trichology & Hair Transplantation

ILAMED offers International Fellowship in Trichology and Hair Transplantation which is the most extensive ‘HANDS -ON’ course on hair transplantation in India. This fellowship programme covers the intricacies of both theoretical and practical aspects of HAIR TRANSPLANT. After the training, you will be well equipped to open your Hair Transplant center anywhere across the world.


1 Year

No. of Modules:

Course Description

International Fellowship in Trichology and Hair Transplantation is for Medical doctors and surgeon who wants expertise in the domain of hair restoration. The course teaches minute details of FUE / FET techniques on live patients. Internationally renowned plastic surgeons and trichologists teach the extraordinary skills required to perform the hair transplants using the modern techniques and latest armamentariums.

Why One Should Join This Course?
  • Extensive “hands-on”.
  • Training of all the latest techniques on live patients.
  • Training from Most distinguished Faculty.
  • International Accreditated Certificate.
  • Teaching all the intricacies to open a Hair Transplantation center.
Benefits of Hands-on Training

This fellowship gives exclusive and extensive training in FUE/FUT techniques on live patients for 30 days a year. It bestows doctors with the confidence required to perform surgeries with excellence and permanent success in the domain of hair transplants.

About Course
  1. Detailed anatomy and physiology of hair transplant.
  2. Patient evaluation and procedure review.
  3. Hand-on-training with the FUE-punch including manual and motorized extraction of follicular units.
  4. Graft care / Preparation of grafts.
  5. After surgery care, medication, and wound healing.
Eligibility Criteria