• "It was a great experience. Never seen so much effort put into a course like this. Simply amazing. I would recommend the course to others."
    Dr. Ammer Batayneh
    Dermatologist, MBBS (Amman, Jordan)
  • "I am a M.D. - Dermatologist I am highly grateful to ILAMED for building up the foundation of Lasers & Aesthetic practice in me. Dr. Ajay Rana is an excellent teacher & guide. Thanks for incorporating, your hard learnt lessons and tricks of the trade into the existing course curriculum."
    Dr. Uma Giri
    MD, Dermatologist (Nepal)
  • "Loved the hands on experience and live demonstration of the array of lasers used in India on ethnic skin. Staff is very warm & friendly. Dr. Rana shared a lot of handy tips and appreciated his guidance on starting a practice protocols."
    Dr. Barnali Dutta
    MBBS, DDVL (Maryland, USA)
  • "I appreciate the teaching and experience of Dr. Ajay. He is a professional physician and very helpful for me as a trainer dermatologist."
    Dr. Baha Alowajhri
    Dermatologist (Hebron, Palestine)
  • "Good exposure to modern aesthetic medical procedures . I would like to undertake Rhinoplasty."
    Dr. Agada Ente
    MBBS, FWACS, Plastic Surgeon (Nigeria)
  • "It was really a good experience. Agenda & timing to be possibly more precise."
    Dr. Shabeena Sayidmasnthn
    MBBS, MRCGP, DPD, DRCOG, General Practitioner (UK)
  • "Well organized course with good information. Suitable for beginners, with “hands-on” experience."
    Mr. Anirban Mandal
    MS, MSc FRCSEQ, FRCS Plastic Surgery, MCHT (London)
  • "Hands-on training is very effective and information was new. Video demonstration was also good. Thanks ILAMED for organizing such a training."
    Dr. Md. Shah Zaman
  • "It was a very good course, I found many things which were interesting , I hope to attend more courses with you, I would like to say thank you Dr. Rana sir and Dr. Sumit for your efforts."
    Dr. Ahmed Abdul Hasan
    Dermatologist (Baghdad, Iraq)
  • "I gained a lot of clarity on the subject after attending the contact program dr rana is an excellent teacher , and the whole class participates in the discussions is great. Thank you Dr. Rana and ILAMED."
    Dr. Rajiya Rahman
    (Sri Lanka)
  • "I came all the way from Lebanon to attend the ILAMED Fellowship Programme. Great learning and fantastic speakers who taught us very well. Thanks ILAMED."
    Dr. Ali El Hajj
    MD (Lebanon)
  • "The FAM was a great experience, the knowledge and teaching levels are extremely high and so is the hands-on training. I strongly recommend this program! Thank you Dr. Rana and team!"
    Dr. Med. Univ. Felix Ottowitz
    MD (Austria)